Refinance mortgage

Refinance Mortgage

You have worked hard. Hard enough to buy a house. Now, you can use the power of you home's equity to lower your monthly payments. Pay off high interest rate credit cards, loans, or car and put the savings in your pocket month after month.

We offer some of the most competitive terms available, and we build a loan based upon your individual needs. You will have your answer in 24 hours or less. So what are you waiting for, slash your monthly payments and stop losing money today.


Why Consider Refinancing Your Mortgage?
Lower current interest rate and create cash flow
Convert ARM to a permanent fixed interest rate
Convert fixed interest rate into a ARM
Turn equity into cash
Convert to a shorter term to pay off the loan more quickly
Eliminate Mortgage Insurance (MI)
We can help even if you have experienced credit issues such as:
-Late Mortgage Payments
-Large Credit Card Debt
-Turned Down By Other Lenders
Our clients are amazed at just how easy it was to refinance with Pacific Mortgage & Lending Co. - even with less than perfect credit or hard to prove income. A new loan from PMLC may be just the break you have been waiting for.

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